Brunch Spot in Crouch End

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My sister Rose and I love exploring new places, and surprisingly enough we have never been to Crouch End before, despite it only being a short bus ride away from where I live. I can safely say its worth a visit. It’s a lovely part of London with traditional high street shops such as bakers, butchers/ fishmongers and grocers which adds an authentic feel to it. We were blessed with a beautiful October day, with clear skies and a slight chill in the air and it was only a short trip on the W7 to get there. When we arrived, the first place we stumbled across was a beautiful little bakery with a Halloween display, as you can see Rose is really enjoying the pumpkin cupcakes.

After venturing into a couple of charity shops we decided to stop for brunch at a beautiful French Patisserie called Sable D’or.

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I’ve heard about Sable D’or before but I’ve never been in. I’m so glad I did because its a really amazing place for brunch, I can’t recommend it enough. With a modern and stylish interior, it gives off cosy and spacious vibes simultaneously. I find lighting so important when eating out, and the skylights in the Crouch End Sable D’or definietly create a bright enviroment.

With the various dietary requirements I now have (no yeast, sugar and dairy), I really struggled finding something I could eat. They unfortunately didn’t have any yeast free bread so I settled with the Butternut Squash salad with chickpeas, garlic dressing, mixed nuts, cumin and coriander.

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It was so tasty and so healthy and I wasn’t even bitter about not being able to have the avocado on toast.

Rose had a flat white and the NICEST looking pain au chocolate. It was the perfect brunch spot. The service was quick and well presented which made the whole experience completely enjoyable.

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Surprisingly cheap, Sable D’or is the perfect spot a spot of breakfast or brunch. It tastes as good as it looks and is aesthetic enough for instagram (obvs very important). I’m already looking forward to going again.

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