My Morning Routine: Stage School


As soon as I wake up I will either shower or just go straight into putting my contact lenses in and moisturising my face. I then go to my kitchen and put on a pot of porridge. My porridge recipe is as follows:


Half a Cup of Plain Rolled Oats

Cup of Coconut Milk

Teaspoon of Chia Seeds

Manuka Honey (or any other toppings such as blueberrys, nuts, banana etc)

Put the oats in a pan with the almond milk, once brought to the boil simmer on a low heat and then add the chia seeds. Leave to cook for around 10 mins.

While my porridge is cooking I will go back to my room and do my make up.


I will then put my porridge in a bowl and stir through a spoon of Manuka Honey. I’ll eat this while watching something on Netflix, either Friends or How I Met Your Mother.



This is about the time I start putting on my clothes for the day, I will wear my leotard under a pair of leggings and a top. I’ll grab my lunch from the fridge which I usually prepared the night before, if not i’ll typically wake up a little earlier so I have time to cook some quinoa or rice. My bag should already have everything I need inside but I’ll check my timetable anyway to make sure I have everything.


Now is when I’ll put my hair in a bun ready for my first class of the day, Ballet. That means that when I get to class I can focus on warming up for the day rather then getting ready still.


This is about the time I’m heading out the door and walking down the road to the bus stop. It can take between 20-40 mins to get to school based on traffic and for a ballet class its recommended that you spend 10-15 mins warming up prior to the class.

And with that I’m ready for my day!!

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