Christmas Markets: Southbank

As we approach my favourite season, I want to share one of my favourite Christmas Markets. Southbank Christmas Market is always decked out with so many lights (essential ofcs) and if that’s not enough, the beautifully festive smelling drinks and food should convince you. Wow, what I wouldn’t give for a mulled wine right now!!

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Southbank is on the Northern line which means it took Rose and me just over 20 minutes until we were at Waterloo, which is the nearest tube station. If you walk under the bridge you will first come to a small court yard with a small street market. This is lovely, despite not actually being an official part of the Christmas market.

Sidebar: I’ve eaten at this market before and I can highly recommend the duck fat fries and the pulled duck wraps. This particular market is there all year round and is a top London spot for street food.

The Southbank Centre has all sorts of performances and exhibitions that are a MUST for a rainy afternoon but if you’re looking your Christmas fix as Rose and I were, then head down to the river, where you’ll be lit from above by a sheet of fairy lights.


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To the right of the Southbank Centre adjacent to the river is the first run of Christmas Markets. It was packed, as it was the year prior, which unfortunately gives off quite a touristy feel but admittedly adds a buzz to the place. With stalls ranging from churros to candles, and duck wraps to dainty lights it is as close as you’ll get to a German market, this side of the English Channel (that being said London has so many Christmas Markets you’ll have to visit them all and be the judge of that).


Once you proceed out from under the bridge, you’ll meet a van titled Beltane & Pop which provides all your favourite festive boozy drinks. Rose bought a mulled wine from here and it smelled so warming & hearty and I was reassured that it tasted divine. They also do mulled cider and if thats still not what you fancy, they do hot chocolates which you can add a shot of whiskey or baileys too for an added kick.

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From there you can head to the Underbelly Christmas Market that’s tucked away in a tiny little court yard. In the summer its turned into the Underbelly Rekorderlig Summer Festival, and I’ve spent many a summer afternoon drinking passionfruit cider from there. I can safely say both are equally enjoyable.

The path down to the Christmas Market is covered by trees and lit with fairy lights. Theres a few small hot chocolate and waffles stands on the way down and then further down the steps it opens up to a big courtyard. Theres a large Rekorderlig Cider Lodge in the centre that’s usually packed whenever I visit and surrounding the lodge are small food and drinks stands.

Its a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I had such a good time. If you can get down to Southbank Christmas Market, you definitely should.

Make sure to let me know if you go!!



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