Life Update: Coming Home For Christmas

Hello lovely readers,

Today, just a little update: I have now gone home for Christmas and all is well in the world! I have packed up a suitcase and trekked back from London to sleepy little Devon where I will spend the next month with family. I didn’t go home for half term this year so have been very homesick this last month or so. I can’t describe how happy I was to see Mum, Dad and Hattie (our dog) pull up next to our house in the car- hugs all round! As many of you know, I study BA Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre which has an incredibly busy schedule so its been non-stop since September. Rose and I, ended the term on a high note performing in Student Platform with ‘I Will Never Leave You’. It was fantastic to put myself out of my comfort zone, especially considering last year when I watched Platform I remembered thinking “I could never get up and sing in this”. That being said I’m now in full Christmas mode, we are getting our Christmas Tree this weekend when my sister comes home and I have lots of Christmas shopping to do in the mean time. I also plan to do lots of Christmas baking with my wonderful Mum, let me know if you’d like any recipes!

And that’s you all updated!! If you need me I’ll be cuddling my dog next to a roaring fire! What are your plans for Christmas? Are you spending it with family?



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